The Publish System

Publish is the fourth stage of the process. Now comes the part where you move away from the keyboard, and assemble the front of house elements – the cover, title, and more.




  What’s included in the programme Optional extra services
Choose a title

Is it catchy? Is it short? Does it attract the reader’s attention?


Use our Book Title Template and resources to get a title that will have readers wanting the book.

Format your book for publication, both for the eBook and the printed edition. eBook readers in particular get irritable when the formatting is imperfect. We’ll hold your hand as you work through the issue of formatting.

And we’ll put you in touch with tried and trusted experts who will do it for you.

Done-for-you formatting We’re happy to sort out the formatting for you.
Design your book cover

You need a cover that will persuade readers to buy it.


Readers really do judge a book by its cover. Follow our four-step approach and you’ll have a best seller on your hands.


Cover design. Our experts can design your cover, giving you a choice of three options.

Cover research. We can also put the covers into research, to see which readers prefer.

Write the blurb

The blurb is a vital tool that shows the potential reader why they should buy your book.


Our ‘best blurb’ guide is your infallible help in writing a crisp blurb that ‘sells’ your book.




Blurb writing. We’ll write your blurb, if you want.

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