The Originate System

Originate is the third stage of the process. Now we’re supporting you to do the writing.




Write the book

At this point, you’ll be writing your content, and editing the draft.

Choosing the right software is a valuable aid to getting your content done.

When you’re nearly ready, you can start to seek beta readers who will provide feedback. No author should omit this stage.



The Originate System removes some of the obstacles to producing your text.

In addition, your coach will hold you to account, and will expect to see progress! Your one-to-one sessions will help you identify what needs work.


Ghost writing. Running out of time? Know what you want to say, but not sure how to put it into words?

We can arrange for a specialist author to ghost write your book.

Beta readers. We can also organise readers to read your book and give you helpful feedback.


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