The Organise System

Organise is the second stage of the process. It’s where we help you convert your ideas into a structure.



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Organise your content

At this stage you need to hone your ideas into something that makes sense to others. Having a clear structure means you won’t waste time. And you’ll have a clear picture of what you need to write.


Our Structure System helps you turn your ideas into a coherent whole.

In particular, our fill-in-the-blanks Outline Template lets it really easy to get started.

And our Mind Map system helps you organise your chapters and content.

If you find writing hard, as many people do, we help you combine our Writing Prompts Template with dictation. You’ll find that suddenly you’ve produced more content than you could have imagined.


Choose a publishing route

In the old days, writers went to a mainstream publisher, but the world has changed.

Traditional publishing is only suitable if you’re a celebrity or an influencer with tens of thousands of followers.

If you aren’t in that category, Amazon is definitely the way to go.

 Unsure? Take this assessment here: Traditional or Self-publishing?


In Module 2 we set out the pros and cons of the different routes, and the pitfalls you need to avoid.

Talk to your Publishing Coach about the route you feel happiest with, and get their feedback.



Proposal writing. If you want to find a traditional publisher, we can prepare a hard-hitting proposal and send it to all the right agents and then publishers.



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