About Us

The Non-Fiction Foundry exists to serve writers who want to get their book published.

Specifically, we help people who are thinking of writing a non-fiction book, looking for help to get it finished, or need support with launching and marketing it.

The Foundry was founded by Kit Sadgrove, author of five best-selling non-fiction books published both traditionally and independently.

Kit started as a graduate marketing trainee with Unilever (makers of Persil, Dove, Hellman’s, Marmite and many others), then worked for top 10 advertising agencies in London. As well as the Non-fiction Foundry, Kit runs The Blackford Centre, a distance learning business which needs lots of content!

He still works occasionally as a freelance copywriter for small and medium-sized businesses. Writing and marketing is in his blood, and he loves to share his unique knowledge with authors.

Alongside Kit are our book coaches, all published authors, and experts in their in own specialist non-fiction niches.